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Adam Jones Quotes

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Adam Jones
January 15, 1965 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

As far as the grunge thing, there are three bands from Seattle that I would call true grunge.


If you become addicted and a junkie, well, that's your fault.


We could have gone with much bigger labels and more money, but we wanted to go with a company that is LA based, all in the same building, and really understands what the artists want.


My approach is to be part of a band that makes music, not hit songs.


I have a record company starting. It's called Flesh Records and I'm putting together music for porno movies.


Many of the songs on Undertow were written at the time Opiate came out.


When we played with the Rollins Band, we'd keep songs going until we felt like ending it.


I'm not a geek about equipment, I just know what I like.


I've never worried about how long the song is.


The Melvins are grunge.


I seriously do not think Nirvana is grunge.


I use Gibson guitars; I prefer the Les Paul custom.


I listen to Helmet - and I love Helmet, they're a great band - but every song sounds the same.


I personally don't like to use as many effects because when you play live, something always goes wrong.


Doing the stereotypical solo bores me.


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