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Agatha Christie Quotes

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Agatha Christie
September 15, 1890 - January 12, 1976
Nationality: English
Category: Writer
Subcategory: English Writer

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood.


There's too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will.


The happy people are failures because they are on such good terms with themselves they don't give a damn.


Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.


The best time to plan a book is while you're doing the dishes.


Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody.


If one sticks too rigidly to one's principles, one would hardly see anybody.


Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.


There is nothing more thrilling in this world, I think, than having a child that is yours, and yet is mysteriously a stranger.


I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.


I married an archaeologist because the older I grow, the more he appreciates me.


Everything that has existed, lingers in the Eternity.


Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it.


Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.


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