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Al Jourgensen Quotes

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Al Jourgensen
October 9, 1958 -
Nationality: Cuban
Category: Musician
Subcategory: Cuban Musician

Everything shapes you to be the person you are today. Sometimes hard lessons pay off dividends.


This rock thing got in the way of my teaching career.


Art is commenting on what's going on around you in your life.


It's typical of record companies. They sign you because you're unique, and then they want to put you in a mold so they can sell records.


I'd still prefer to do five nights at a club than one night at Allstate Arena.


Punk rock really influenced me, the basic metal bands, Zeppelin, Stones and Floyd, and Southern rock bands. I think I was pretty well-rounded.


Everyone reaches their point in time where either they die or they get sick of doing drugs. It started getting debilitating. I enjoy my music a lot better than my drugs.


It certainly is gravy every day above ground right now, after kicking that heroin habit. I've been given a second chance in life, and I don't want to let a minute go by without enjoying it.


You tell me one other person that graduated from Yale that is as inarticulate as Bush. Yale's a great school, and here's this idiot.


Nothing exceeds like excess.


This administration affects the everyday life of the common person.


I've never seen the Osbournes, I've never seen Paris Hilton. I'd rather read than watch reality TV. I'd rather live life than watch somebody else living it.


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