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Angela Carter Quotes

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Angela Carter
May 7, 1940 - February 16, 1992
Nationality: English
Category: Novelist
Subcategory: English Novelist

Aeneas carried his aged father on his back from the ruins of Troy and so do we all, whether we like it or not, perhaps even if we have never known them.


Is not this whole world an illusion? And yet it fools everybody.


What is marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many?


If the Barbarians are destroyed, who will we then be able to blame for the bad things?


In the mythic schema of all relations between men and women, man proposes, and woman is disposed of.


It shone on everyone, whether they had a contract or not. The most democratic thing I'd ever seen, that California sunshine.


A book is simply the container of an idea like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters.


That is what I'm looking forward to the most, practical learning. I want to be a registered nurse so getting to talk to people who already work in those jobs can really teach me what to expect when I get out in the real world.


My mother learned that she was carrying me at about the same time the Second World War was declared; with the family talent for magic realism, she once told me she had been to the doctor's on the very day.


Mother goddesses are just as silly a notion as father gods. If a revival of the myths of these cults gives woman emotional satisfaction, it does so at the price of obscuring the real conditions of life. This is why they were invented in the first place.


The bed is now as public as the dinner table and governed by the same rules of formal confrontation.


Hollywood... was the place where the United States perpetrated itself as a universal dream and put the dream into mass production.


Pornography is a satire on human pretensions.


It is, perhaps, better to be valued as an object of passion than never to be valued at all.


Anxiety is the beginning of conscience, which is the parent of the soul but is not compatible with innocence.


What a joy it is to dance and sing!


Where ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexible of passions.


Nostalgia, the vice of the aged. We watch so many old movies our memories come in monochrome.


I think it's one of the scars in our culture that we have too high an opinion of ourselves. We align ourselves with the angels instead of the higher primates.


A day without an argument is like an egg without salt.


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