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Arthur Erickson Quotes

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Arthur Erickson
June 14, 1924 -
Nationality: Canadian
Category: Architect

Architecture doesn't come from theory. You don't think your way through a building.


The Renaissance is studded by the names of the artists and architects, with their creations recorded as great historical events.


Today's developer is a poor substitute for the committed entrepreneur of the last century for whom the work of architecture represented a chance to celebrate the worth of his enterprise.


The tourist transports his own values and demands to his destinations and implants them like an infectious disease, decimating whatever values existed before.


The essentially unchangeable established order of things slowly disappeared and was forgotten for a while completely.


The innovative spirit was America's strongest attribute, transforming everything into a brave new world, but there lingered an insecurity about the arts.


It is the mystery of the creative act that something other than our conscious self takes over.


We find Japan a little more difficult to understand because it has proven its 20th century prowess though the ancient traditions still persist.


Tahiti has been spoiled for many years, but Bali is one of the few cultures with origins in one of the great ancient cultures which is still alive.


The great dream merchant Disney was a success because make-believe was what everyone seemed to need in a spiritually empty land.


We have today a fairly thorough knowledge of the early Greco-Roman period because our motivations are the same.


Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.


Inspiration in Science may have to do with ideas, but not in Art. In art it is in the senses that are instinctively responsive to the medium of expression.


Nearly all of the advances in structural and aesthetic innovation is coming from abroad.


The way of architecture is the quiet voice that underlies it and has guided it from the beginning.


After 1980, you never heard reference to space again. Surface, the most convincing evidence of the descent into materialism, became the focus of design. Space disappeared.


Part of our western outlook stems from the scientific attitude and its method of isolating the parts of a phenomenon in order to analyze them.


The delusion of entertainment is devoid of meaning. It may amuse us for a bit, but after the initial hit we are left with the dark feeling of desolation.


No wonder the film industry started in the desert in California where, like all desert dwellers, they dream their buildings, rather than design them.


No phenomenon can be isolated, but has repercussions through every aspect of our lives. We are learning that we are a fundamental part of nature's ecosystems.


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