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Arthur Hiller Quotes

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Arthur Hiller
November 22, 1923 -
Nationality: Canadian
Category: Director
Subcategory: Canadian Director

Howard Minsky had gotten the script to her agent prior to my involvement.


Anyway, he and I worked on the script together, and I must say he was a joy to work with. Very enthusiastic.


We cut a few corners and brought the picture in under budget by $25,000, so Paramount let us go back to Boston with a small crew to shoot some additional footage.


I thought we were making a nice little movie. That's how it was regarded by everyone else, too.


Do you remember a scene with Ryan and Ali playing in the snow? Well, that was improvised.


So I decided to move that scene in the doctor's office to two-thirds into the movie, after the viewers had come to know Ryan and Ali and share in their happiness.


We'd be working in our motel room through the night, and I'd come up with an idea at two in the morning, and he'd start jumping up and down, pacing across the room, or whatever.


Originally the film opened with Ryan in the doctor's office, being told his wife is dying. Then we see him walking the streets, and the story is told in flashback.


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