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Barry Gibb Quotes

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Barry Gibb
September 1, 1946 -
Nationality: English
Category: Musician
Subcategory: English Musician

It is commercial pop that the majority of people understand. A working man's daughter would not understand blues.


I will always have my songs and I don't think I will ever dry-up.


By going solo I could lose a fortune but money is not important.


Now there is a new group every week; it seems like everybody and anybody can get into the charts.


Sure I'm leaving the Bee Gees. I'm going into films.


We had to leave Australia to become international stars.


I've never been into parties, premieres or night-clubbing.


I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time.


But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end.


It is not the money but the self-respect and wanting to create good music.


My music, certainly, has never embarrassed me.


It's very questionable, and we will pursue every factor, every element, every second of the timeline, of the final hours of Maurice's life. We will pursue that relentlessly. That will be our quest from now on.


He was the average guy. Maurice, I think, reflected every man.


It was great being together as a band, but much more difficult being brothers than it was being in a band.


The Bee Gees no longer exist.


I'm Mr Boring, not a party-goer at all.


I've worked with a lot of people who are more famous than myself who are terribly insecure.


When you are in your 20's and 30's, you just want a hit record and you don't really care how it happens.


Maurice would prance into a room, you know, and his presence was immediate.


I like blues but it is music I am too ignorant to understand.


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