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Ben Stiller Quotes

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Ben Stiller
November 30, 1965 -
Nationality: American
Category: Comedian
Subcategory: American Comedian

Paul is Starsky, and I met him before shooting. He was very kind and encouraged us to go with what we wanted to do. It was very sweet to see them back with the car after 25 years.


Very quickly after meeting Dustin, the whole image I had of him was shattered.


The cliches are that it's the most generic Starsky and Hutch plot you can find.


I don't think the public is dying to see me necessarily be funny all the time.


Sometimes I wondered whether I hadn't let my career get confined to one direction, but lately I've decided to accept the fact that I have this opportunity to be successful doing comedies.


If you look at my eyes when I'm dancing, you'll see that glazed look.


My own parents were touchy-feely.


There's an old saying in Hollywood: It's not the length of your film, it's how you use it.


I think most politicians could take a dodgeball in the face.


I'm always willing to endure humiliation on behalf of my characters.


I grew up wanting to make movies, and along the way I suddenly found that I had a career doing comedy.


I just watched Paul Michael Glaser. He was the reason I wanted to do the movie because as a kid I was such a big fan of his. I watched all the episodes and tried to get a feeling for what he was doing.


I don't think know if anything's going to translate anywhere. You're making a movie, you hope it's going to be funny, you can't think about how it's going to go over.


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