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Betty Dodson Quotes

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Betty Dodson
August 24, 1929 -
Nationality: American
Category: Educator
Subcategory: American Educator

I like to see oral sex and manual sex and intercourse as foreplay for my vibrator sex.


We are constantly protecting the male ego, and it's a disservice to men. If a man has any sensitivity or intelligence, he wants to get the straight scoop from his girlfriend.


The orgasm is simply when the body does take over.


We all have our individual romantic or idealistic ideas. To get information that masturbation is our basic form of sex is hard, because who wants to admit they're masturbating?


I consider myself a lesbian, but I'm a bisexual lesbian.


Masturbation is our first and natural form of sexual activity and if that's inhibited or damaged, then we suffer for the rest of our lives.


I used to think masturbation was not really sex because it only involved me. That's a very limited view of human sexuality, and it isn't going to work for women.


Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice! That's the condition of the female. Women have been conditioned to sacrifice for centuries.


I consider the 70s to be the youth of old age. So all you women out there who are afraid of getting older, just keep your orgasms in place, eat a lot of vegetables, take exercise, and you'll be fine.


It's very hard for a man to ask questions about sex. The smart ones do.


The person whose face is between your legs is gonna get lockjaw.


When I do documentaries, my best information ends up on the cutting-room floor. People have trouble dealing with sexual honesty.


Men are hung up on breasts. They're looking at the titty dinner. It's pathetic.


The media only wants to get the view of the flaming radicals because they make better copy than those of us who are more sensible. I'm a feminist and I think I've done a lot of good.


If you go out to dinner with someone, you find out what they prefer in food. We ought to be able to have a conversation to find out what people prefer when it comes to sex.


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