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Bob Geldof Quotes

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Bob Geldof
October 5, 1954 -
Nationality: Irish
Category: Actor
Subcategory: Irish Actor

Music is what I must do, business is what I need to do and politics is what I have to do.


Those songs are about getting out; they're not about getting out of family. It wasn't about how family life was curtailing because I didn't know family life.


Playing live if the thing I love doing best.


But if somebody dies, if something happens to you, there is a normal process of depression, it is part of being human, and some people view it as a learning experience etc.


Physically I'm tired at the end of the day and quite glad to be reading in bed by midnight.


It's really very simple, Governor. When people are hungry they die. So spare me your politics and tell me what you need and how you're going to get it to these people.


Music is something I must do, business is something I need to do, and Africa is something I have to do. That's the way it breaks down in my life.


There is not a single extant study that supports all the arguments against men being with their children. It's absolute bollocks.


I was really lucky that I came to puberty at a time when music and politics were completely intertwined.


If you were a pretty boy pop singer, it would wreck you, growing older.


Divorce is a by-product of the fact that maybe the nuclear unit is gone.


I do think I feel it but you don't think you are cause at a certain time you are no age but you don't think you are anything. You feel the life you have lived. I feel that. It's been a long fifty years.


But I think Prozac is a lethal drug, I've several friends just haven't made it by taking Prozac.


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