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Brian De Palma Quotes

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Brian De Palma
September 11, 1940 -
Nationality: American
Category: Director
Subcategory: American Director

However, ironically, I was baptized Presbyterian, and went to a Quaker school for twelve years.


When you make a movie outside the system and it's successful critically or a moderate financial success, you usually have to go back into the system and make a big hit.


It's always great when you discover someone.


The real trouble with film school is that the people teaching are so far out of the industry that they don't give the students an idea of what's happening.


You know, when people want to get any information, research information, it will all exist on these Web sites.


I'm always looking for a kind of new musical entity to sort of move into a motion picture venue.


I've dropped myself into straightforward character pieces in order to explore that form and reap its values. But you are sort of restricted visually when your first requirement is to tell a fairly straightforward story.


I don't see scarey films. I certainly wouldn't go see my films.


I hadn't done just a straight-out comedy in a long time, just letting an ensemble do really good character acting, having them carry the movie as in my earlier pictures.


However, I spent most of my time in a Quaker school.


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