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Bruce Davison Quotes

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Bruce Davison
June 28, 1946 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

Hollywood could use less instead of more of everything.


A good actor is somebody who can be truthful and fascinating and interesting and enlightening.


I'm over there filming in South Africa now, and two in five are HIV-positive now. Not many people know that.


I spent my whole life figuring out how to get out of work. I would say I was intelligent, but intelligent in a very surreptitious, invisible way.


That's always something that's really important for an actor - to find an opportunity to do a scene where there is a moment like that, where you manage to connect with everyone.


Actors, lots of times, are great when they have great parts. For me, a lot of times, it's been the part.


I was always a visual person. I could see things visually. I had a harder time with numbers and logic, and I always had more of an artistic sensibility. So that I could do. And it was something that I really loved.


It was quite a ride and very conflicting for me, too - to be nominated for an Oscar, to be straight and healthy, and to be getting all these accolades while these people around me were suffering and dying from AIDS.


You have cocktails for 250,000 people when millions upon millions are sick.


I think tolerance is something everybody needs to be reminded of, especially in a reactionary political world. Well, actually, I should say, a reactionary political climate.


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