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Carol Moseley Braun Quotes

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Carol Moseley Braun
August 16, 1947 -
Nationality: American
Category: Politician
Subcategory: American Politician

Bush is giving the rich a tax cut instead of putting that cut in the pockets of working people.


I was very productive as a senator for my state.


To me, that means getting back to the point where our Constitution means that you don't tap people's phones and poke into their e-mail and you don't arrest people and keep them hidden for a year and a half without charging them.


I want people who believe in my message and where I am on issues to support me.


I was the only person of color in the Senate, and my colleagues were Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott.


I'm committed to universal health coverage and education.


All I really want to be is boring. When people talk about me, I'd like them to say, Carol's basically a short Bill Bradley. Or, Carol's kind of like Al Gore in a skirt.


The failure in Ohio to have adequate voting capacity for the people who were registered and eligible to vote was an absolute denial of their right to vote.


Well, if you pick a fight with somebody that's smaller than you and you beat them, where's the honor in that?


Illinois has less than a 12 percent black population and I won with 55 percent of the vote.


If we can rebuild Iraq, we can rebuild Illinois and Indiana and if we can do Baghdad, we can do Baltimore.


The notion that we won the war against Iraq is like saying we won a war against Arizona. I mean, the fact of the matter is it's not that big of a country. Nobody, I don't think, had any notion that we would do anything but win it.


I think if we are actually going to accept our generation's responsibility, that's going to mean that we give our children no less retirement security than we inherited from our parents.


New Zealand, by the way, where I was ambassador, has had two women prime ministers - one from either party.


I'm a results-oriented person and my Senate record shows that.


I believe that our message of rebuilding America is one that will resonate with the American people.


There are a number of steps that we can take to reinvigorate and rebuild the economic and the physical infrastructure of our country and then to rebuild us, frankly, on a spiritual level.


We must invest in infrastructure development and rebuilding communities to create jobs.


It's not impossible for a woman - a Black woman - to become President.


I think that we have a responsibility to make certain that we are fiscally responsible in order to assure, frankly, future generations don't have to pay our bills.


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