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Catherine Deneuve Quotes

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Catherine Deneuve
October 22, 1943 -
Nationality: French
Category: Actress
Subcategory: French Actress

The story is more important to me than the part.


Acting is also working with people who invite you into their dreams and trust you with their innermost being.


I would have liked maybe to be in architecture or painting, something connected to the fine arts.


It has been very erotic and provocative for people to wonder about my feelings for women.


Truffaut loved actresses, and he was very intense. All the actresses I knew wanted to do a film with him.


I wouldn't say no to being in a film with Jude Law. I love English actors.


I love to not work. I like to travel. I work maybe half the year, no more.


I think anything that has to do with sexuality makes people very interested.


Film is a very young art that is still evolving. Soon, we shall reach a balance between content and technology.


Mississippi Mermaid was a very special experience because we only had the dialogues for the scenes we were shooting the night before.


I like all these little animals that run and eat and hide all the time. I like their faces, They seem to be scared and curious at the same time.


Sometimes it's more difficult to do very simple, low-key films.


I love vampire stories. That's why I did the movie. Women especially were taken with that movie-even more so when it came out on video.


On Belle de Jour, the producer was very protective. It was very hard for me.


Directors have to push me. I have to be pushed up. Not all the time, but often.


Even if there are a lot women in films, there are few who are lesbians, that people know about.


I am frivolous. Then I feel guilty.


I'm lucky; people write scripts for me.


A lot of actors don't like to see how they've done every day.


Some people fall in love with their co-stars and feel things that they never thought they would feel for them because they are touching.


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