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Charles Baudelaire Quotes

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Charles Baudelaire
April 9, 1821 - August 31, 1867
Nationality: French
Category: Poet
Subcategory: French Poet

There is no more steely barb than that of the Infinite.


A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle.


Modernity is the transient, the fleeting, the contingent; it is one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immovable.


Our religion is itself profoundly sad - a religion of universal anguish, and one which, because of its very catholicity, grants full liberty to the individual and asks no better than to be celebrated in each man's own language - so long as he knows anguish and is a painter.


To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.


Modernity signifies the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art of which the other half is the eternal and the immutable.


It is from the womb of art that criticism was born.

    Topics: Art

What is exhilarating in bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of giving offense.


It would be difficult for me not to conclude that the most perfect type of masculine beauty is Satan, as portrayed by Milton.


Even if it were proven that God didn't exist, Religion would still be Saintly and Divine.


The lover of life makes the whole world into his family, just as the lover of the fair sex creates his from all the lovely women he has found, from those that could be found, and those who are impossible to find.


If the poet has pursued a moral objective, he has diminished his poetic force.


There exist only three respectable beings: the priest, the warrior, the poet. To know, to kill, and to create.


It is the hour to be drunken! to escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish.


The man who says his evening prayer is a captain posting his sentinels. He can sleep.


Beauty is the sole ambition, the exclusive goal of Taste.


Common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams.


Everything for me becomes allegory.


Music fathoms the sky.


A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.


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