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Charlie Hunnam Quotes

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Charlie Hunnam
April 10, 1980 -
Nationality: English
Category: Actor
Subcategory: English Actor

I bought a house, and I've been decorating it.


In a work capacity I'm only interested in acting and producing.


I'm reading scripts, desperately wanting to work. I've set a couple of things up for next year.


If I'd seen a grown man beating a crippled boy, of course I'd intervene. If my father died and left my mother destitute, it's your instinct to take care of her. So when I started to think about it in those terms, it started to make sense to me.


It's generally more fun playing the villain.


And I just want to work with good directors and good people.


The truth of the matter is the real industry is in LA and the cream of the talent is there.


So I try not to do press and if you can keep the balance of keeping a certain degree of anonymity and do interesting work then you can hope for a degree of career longevity.


I was a little bit wary of playing Nicholas. In the script, which I think is true of the novel and the film, he's the only character not singing and dancing in a musical style. Playing someone who is the personification of good is a little difficult.


It could be my downfall, but I don't think it is - Hollywood is run on perception, and if you stray off the path of what you want to do with your career, it's suicide.


I find aspects of the industry tedious and hard to manage.


There are definitely worse people to be compared with. I think Brad Pitt makes interesting decisions.


I'm currently doing Undeclared an American TV show set in a college. It just got aired and got massive ratings so hopefully that'll screen in the UK soon.


Good roles are hard to come by, and whether they're a few lines or a lead, you snap 'em up when they come along.


I love hip hop music, I make hip hop music.


No, I do a bunch of things to entertain myself. I paint, I make music, I take photographs.


If I went to them all dressed up and flashed a nice smile for the cameras it would probably be easier for me to get work. But I just can't tolerate it.


In the early part of your career you are always compared with somebody until you can stand on your own two feet.


I watch these actors who when you go to buy a pint of milk you see them smiling on the cover of 20 magazines. Then when you see them in a film it's hard to believe the character because you just see them everywhere.


I'm happy being an actor, it's what I have always wanted to do. I'm just lucky I got to do it so early.


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