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Chevy Chase Quotes

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Chevy Chase
October 8, 1943 -
Nationality: American
Category: Comedian
Subcategory: American Comedian

The first thing that happens is that you're overwhelmed by so much attention. It's just so unnatural. Only people who've been in that position can realize what it's like. I mean, you have to be there.


I have three daughters. I wanted them to be raised where there are real seasons and where everyone their age wasn't trying to get into movies.


The fact was, Ford kept stumbling around. I didn't want him in the White House. I wanted Carter in, and I had a forum of 20 million people watching.


Last good pratfall I did, I broke bones in both hands. I still feel it when people shake my hand.


Some Harvard guy said that acid would open our minds, pot wouldn't hurt us, and cocaine was benign.


We never could have performed live for an hour and a half every week if we were doing drugs.


I was always the guy getting kicked out of my classes at school for having an attitude problem.


If you're in the White House, it's your house, and you can invite whatever friend you want.


I learned a lot about handling fans from established stars.


I tell the person I won't take a picture or sign the autograph, but I will shake their hand. That kind of personal touch is all they're really seeking.


I don't know if my looks will ever get any better, but my pratfalls sure won't.


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