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Constance Baker Motley Quotes

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Constance Baker Motley
September 14, 1921 - September 28, 2005
Nationality: American
Category: Activist
Subcategory: American Activist

By 1962, King had become, by the media's reckoning, the new civil rights leader.


We African Americans have now spent the major part of the 20th Century battling racism.


When I was 15, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. No one thought this was a good idea.


I was born and raised in the oldest settled part of the nation and in an environment in which racism was officially mooted.


The women's rights movement of the 1970s had not yet emerged; except for Bella Abzug, I had no women supporters.


We Americans entered a new phase in our history - the era of integration - in 1954.


I rejected the notion that my race or sex would bar my success in life.


I soon found law school an unmitigated bore.


In my view, I did not get to the federal bench because I was a woman.


Affirmitive action is extremely complex because it appears in many different forms.


The Constitution, as originally drawn, made no reference to the fact that all Americans wre considered equal members of society.


Today's white majority is largely silent about the race question.


Lack of encouragement never deterred me. I was the kind of person who would not be put down.


King thought he understood the white Southerner, having been born and reared in Georgia and trained a theologian.


The fact is that racism, despite all the doomsayers, has diminished.


Whites would rather not be involved in race matters, I think.


How long must the American community afford special treatment to blacks?


Too many whites still see blacks as a group apart.


My parents never told us that our great-grandmothers had been slaves.


In high school, I won a prize for an essay on tuberculosis. When I got through writing the essay, I was sure I had the disease.


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