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Cynthia Weil Quotes

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Cynthia Weil
October 18, 1937 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

Although I like the work I've done in the past, I like what I'm writing now even more.


She could only write with him at night and she was wasting her days just sitting around. So he thought I could write with her during the day. And that was Carole King.


My nature is to be linear, and when I'm not, I feel really proud of myself.


Sharing a triumph with someone you love is an incredible high.


The business today is completely different and it's very producer driven, so that a songwriter needs to have producing chops, be a singer/songwriter, or find a singer to develop.


A lot of guys spend their lives saying no because it's an easier way to keep your job.


We all have fertile creative periods and times when we can't figure out how we ever did it.


There is the great creative part of it. The writing is the best part.


Even when I think I'm writing really young, they say it's too mature.


We were very fortunate to have been on the scene when we were.


That's what it is every time you walk into the room to write with someone new. It's like, oh god I have to take my clothes off 'my creative clothes' and let them see all of my flaws.


Barry and I were in the middle of building a house, and I was in the midst of having a nervous breakdown, because that's what you do when you build a house.


We are the yin and the yang of the creative process.


I wanted to write for Broadway.


Actually I was writing with people that didn't get records.


We wrote what sounded good to us and hoped it would find a home.


You made a lot of mistakes, and you wrote a lot of crap. But it was all part of the learning process.


But I'm someone who the more afraid I am, the more I want to do it to get the fear over with.


You just have to believe in yourself when you've got something, and just keep pounding on the door, because if you pound long enough, somebody is going to open it.


The main reason he wanted to be a recording artist was because it gives you much more freedom in your writing. You only have to please the artist and the artist is you so you can be more daring and experimental.


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