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Dan Glickman Quotes

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Dan Glickman
November 24, 1944 -
Nationality: American
Category: Politician
Subcategory: American Politician

If China wants to be a constructive, active player in the world economy, it's got to respect intellectual property rights or it makes it pretty impossible to do business with them.


Where there is a problem, the risks to the public are greater than they've ever been before.


I don't think we can go back to the old days. But I think that what the government needs to do is it needs to make sure that the pricing is fair, that you don't have monopolies out there, so that people don't have a chance to compete fairly.


The movie industry is committed to working with the technology sector to find innovative new ways to deliver entertainment to consumers.


Meat and poultry is safe. It's safer than it's probably ever been.


The success of the movie industry comes from the story. And the story comes from somebody putting something down on paper.


I'm someone who believes the only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn.


The creative works of the entertainment industry belong to the millions of people who make them and are not for others to steal or unlawfully distribute.


The only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn.


There's a tremendous intellectual fervor among independent filmmakers, and that has to be cultivated.


Technology has not only changed the way people are able to view movies, it has changed the way our industry produces and advertises movies.


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