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Daniel Keys Moran Quotes

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Daniel Keys Moran
November 30, 1962 -
Nationality: American
Category: Writer
Subcategory: American Writer

As a fiscal conservative, I think that our government should pay for itself.


So, we, as human beings, live in a very imprecise world. A world where our perceptions of reality are far more important than actual reality.


Our species is on the verge of changes that will fundamentally alter what it means to be human... and we are the people driving that change.


Police do not belong in war zones.


The reason Ronald Reagan gets slammed for having so badly exacerbated the problem of deficit spending is that he so plainly deserves it.


Actors are good liars; writers are good liars with good memories.


What the power structure is afraid of is that we're going to learn to recognize the truth when we hear it.


There are, believe it or not, good politicians.


The welfare system in the United States is vile.


Writers, all the good ones, are Natural Born Liars.


If there is a substantial difference between a gay couple and a childless heterosexual couple, I'm unable to see it.


There's no way for me to know, but my best guess, as it must be for everyone, is that other people are pretty much like me.


The most interesting thing about the idea of money is that it makes it possible to measure something in previous ages we couldn't be sure about, and that something is power.


Before Watergate and Viet Nam, the American public, as a whole, believed everything it was told, and since then it doesn't believe anything, and both of those extremes hurt us because they prevent us from recognizing the truth.


There is virtually nothing I wouldn't be willing to do, to try and make sure that children have a fair shake in life.


It's very strange writing science fiction in a world that moves as fast as ours does.


An attempt to write nothing but characterization will soon bog down; I for one don't want to have somebody tell me about someone else.


To write well you must be willing to go naked into the world.


You want to balance the budget in this country? We change the salary structure for Congress and the President. Every year they don't balance the budget, we don't pay them.


Well, the future of the Internet is... Reality.


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