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Dave Matthews Quotes

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Dave Matthews
January 9, 1967 -
Nationality: South African
Category: Musician
Subcategory: South African Musician

How could I have been anyone other than me?


You wear nothing but you wear it so well.


A friend is always good to have, but a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down on me.


It is criminal to put our servicemen and women in harm's way and to put the lives of so many civilians on the line for the misguided frustrations of the Bush administration.


I can't believe that we would lie in our graves wondering if we had spent our living days well. I can't believe that we would lie in our graves dreaming of things that we might have been.


Tomorrow is no place to place your better days.


Good music is good music, and everything else can go to hell.


I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay.


Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything.


We've never played at this place before. This place is big, and I'm kinda nervous, so we're going to make it feel small by pretending we're in a... bedroom. We'll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked!


I fear that our true motivation is about oil and our own flailing economy; about the failure to destroy Al Qaeda and about revenge.


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