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Dick Van Dyke Quotes

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Dick Van Dyke
December 13, 1925 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

But I wish they would make a musical of some kind. I miss musicals so much. You don't see them anymore.


I think most people will tell you that. They can go along and, while they're denying that they are addicted, say it's stress this, it's this, it's that. But I - it's - I think - I really believe there is a gene. Some people become addicted and others don't.


We had all week to rehearse. An audience would come in at the end of the week and we'd our little show. Most of the ad- libbing happened during the week on the show.


I loved to fall down.


I think it's being thrown at the wolves, we call it in our business.


I wanted to be a radio announcer.


A lot of violence, a lot of gore in it, and I just didn't want to do that kind of thing.


So as my kids will tell you, they had a pretty normal life.


My kids are so much better parent than I was.


I've retired so many times now it's getting to be a habit.


So at 16 I got a job at the local radio station. And I was working after school and weekends. I did the news; I did everything. I did - played records.


I don't think we've got much of a chance to tell you the truth. But our main problem is our audience skews a little older than most shows, and I don't think our people can stay up that late. I certainly can't.


No, no, it was the relationships. That was that group. People believed that Rob and Laura were really married in real life. You know, a lot of people believed that.


I turned down some movies that were quite good. mainly on the basis of taste.


But once we got on the air, everybody except Morey Amsterdam pretty much stuck to the script.


Today, if you're not an alcoholic, you're nobody.


Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.


My son Barry, of course, has been on from the beginning. And his son Shane is playing now a med student regularly on the show. And at one point or another, I've had all four of his kids on the show.


I have four children and I have seven grandkids.


Bob Hope, like Mark Twain, had a sense of humor that was uniquely American, and like Twain, we'll likely not see another like him.


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