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Don Van Vliet Quotes

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Don Van Vliet
January 15, 1941 -
Nationality: American
Category: Artist
Subcategory: American Artist

But I have been in some very beautiful churches, then I've looked outside and seen people starving to death.


I'd never just want to do what everybody else did. I'd be contributing to the sameness of everything.


I think most people try to get others to see through their eyes.


I would never kill a living thing, although I probably have inadvertently while driving automobiles.


James Brown is important because he decorates the clock correctly and he's good with lower mathematics. Don't get me wrong - he's good.


An audience can really lift you right up off the stage.


You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be.


Most of modern rock and roll is a product of guilt.


Man has done a lot to make himself dangerous and animals get the worst of all of it. But then, man too is an animal.


I don't think artists are made, I think they're born.


The wind is a very difficult sound to get. It's always changing.


I'm interested in playing, not working.


I don't do lullabyes.


That Sid Vicious was obviously a schizophrenic, kind of a mean one too.


I live in a Mobile Home - I've never had a house, except once; I rented a log cabin.


Bob Dylan impresses me about as much as... well, I was gonna say a slug but I like slugs.


When I see a dolphin, I know it's just as smart as I am.


You can almost judge how screwed up somebody is by the kind of toilet paper they use. Go in any rich house and it's some weird coloured embossed stuff.


I don't look like a desert person because I stay indoors most of the day and fool around at night. That's what the desert animals do - they don't have a tan either.


With my voice and my band, I can do anything.


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