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Dylan Moran Quotes

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Dylan Moran
November 3, 1971 -
Nationality: Irish
Category: Comedian
Subcategory: Irish Comedian

I don't want to do the same thing over and over again.


One thing that's coming up a lot is: are you as grumpy as you appear from this Black Books thing.


If I hadn't done this I might have ended up digging the roads.


It's true that I have spoken about doing a book before, but then everyone you speak to is planning to write a book.


The trend now is to get away from stage bound sitcoms.


Black Books adheres to a more old fashioned, traditional sitcom format, which I think works, because in its own way, it's quite theatrical.


Yeah, I think Michael has had to deal with that label of being Michael Caine for a long time.


We are both drawn to surreal situations so the writing was a joy.


I think a lot of the time you just parody yourself.


The characters can't be wittier than people are in real life. They have to be character witty.


I have a very low level of recognition, which is fine by me.


You achieve the surreal jokes through the realism by making it elastic.


I thought The Office was good, though I didn't think of it as a sitcom, just as a very good programme.


I don't really think of myself as an actor.


I never thought I want to do anything, really, except not go to work properly and turn up at the same place every day and eat sandwiches in the same canteen, if I can possibly help it, as I don't think I'd be very good at it.


The truth is that I'm constitutionally incapable of doing an ordinary job.


You try various things when you're growing up. I was an attache in the Foreign Service for a while and then I drove a bulldozer, but neither of those panned out for me so it had to be stand-up.


In the same way, there is some creature gnawing away inside of me, urging me to do things in different ways.


Showing off seemed to me to be a highly valuable and necessary activity when I was 20.


I think that women just have a primeval instinct to make soup, which they will try to foist on anybody who looks like a likely candidate.


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