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Enya Quotes

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May 17, 1961 -
Nationality: Irish
Category: Musician
Subcategory: Irish Musician

I am not reclusive. I just have a private life.


With my music, I can express myself so much. A lot of the fans can sense that I'm relating to them something that's quite personal.


I have had death threats from people with fixations.


The success of Watermark surprised me. I never thought of music as something commercial; it was something very personal to me.


Writing music on your own makes you think a lot about your life. Who are you? Would you change anything about yourself? This is where it comes from.


I don't have pets, I have two guard dogs; and I don't do my own shopping; it's a security thing.


I enjoyed the two years I was with Clannad. I enjoyed touring. We toured a lot in Europe.


I told the record company I didn't feel the need to be at red-carpet events. I wanted a career. But I wanted to keep myself intact as a person.


As with anything creative, change is inevitable.


The Druids held the trees as very sacred.


When I was growing up, I'd be in the choir. My mum was the organist in the church, so I'd sing in the church.


It wasn't so long ago that it was not popular to speak Gaelic in Ireland because the areas that Gaelic is spoken in were much poorer areas.


I'm not one for walking the beaches humming a melody. I love the discipline of sitting in the studio, writing and listening. That is my domain.


The minuses of celebrity include having to live with security and the knowledge that you may be stalked.


I could have been more famous if I did all the glitzy things, but celebrity always seemed so unnecessary.


When making music I sink myself into the process as deeply as I can and forget all of the success.


My first language is Gaelic.


I tend to listen to the classical composers: Rachmaninov, Satie.


I am privileged to do a job I love to do. I would never change any moment from my life.


The personal appearances and red carpet events are very glitzy, but it's a bit false.


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