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Esa Pekka Salonen Quotes

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Esa Pekka Salonen
June 30, 1958 -
Nationality: Finnish
Category: Musician

As we watch TV or films, there are no organic transitions, only edits. The idea of A becoming B, rather than A jumping to B, has become foreign.


With American orchestras, in particular, because they play in such huge halls, getting a true pianissimo is very hard.


In Europe, there is so much tradition, and everyone has established ideas as to what art should be and what it has always been.


There will have to be times when I'm not conducting because I'm composing. I haven't solved that problem, and perhaps I never will.


I'm still disturbed if a chord isn't together, but your priorities change as you get older.


If the seams are showing, there is something wrong with the performance or the construction of the piece. This idea is completely at odds with our modern visual experience, because everything today is based on montage.


Music has just as much to do with movement and body as it does soul and intellect.


After working with Ligeti I began to hear Brahms and Beethoven differently.


The Royal Festival Hall in London is nice; people hang out there. I think this inviting, non-exclusive character is very important.


This country, and the West Coast, especially, is bad at preserving any cultural legacy.


Orchestras have become used to the emphasis on the separation of layers, of the ultimate precision and clarity.


Once you get over the first hill, there is always a new, higher one lurking, of course.


The sound was my greatest concern. There were certain difficulties getting used to the way every musician can hear his or herself, the way each of them relates to the musician in the next seat.


I discovered that the people of the North are different and there's no way you can make a person from the North similar to a Southerner. They're two different worlds.


When we're at the end of The Rite of Spring or of a Bruckner symphony, I want people to feel the music physically.


The act of conducting in itself, of waving my arms in the air and being in charge, I didn't miss. I missed the sensual pleasure of being in contact with music.


Los Angeles is just a more open place. The way L.A. functions is that people give you a forum. They say, Show us what you can do.


Every day we make more progress toward understanding the concert hall.


There is such a suspicion in today's world of people who do more than one thing, who aren't specialized.


This conducting thing happened. In 1983 I was sucked into this international career, which was a very scary experience.


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