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Francis Bacon Quotes

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Francis Bacon
January 21, 1561 - April 9, 1626
Nationality: English
Category: Philosopher
Subcategory: English Philosopher

I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.

    Topics: Age

God hangs the greatest weights upon the smallest wires.


As the births of living creatures are at first ill-shapen, so are all innovations, which are the births of time.


By indignities men come to dignities.


The momentous thing in human life is the art of winning the soul to good or evil.


Acorns were good until bread was found.


They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea.


Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set.


Wives are young men's mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men's nurses.


Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more a man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out.


Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.

    Topics: Anger

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.


Silence is the virtue of fools.


Of all virtues and dignities of the mind, goodness is the greatest, being the character of the Deity; and without it, man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing.


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