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George Murray Quotes

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George Murray
Nationality: Canadian
Category: Poet
Subcategory: Canadian Poet

Humour is a fine line to walk in poetry, as in fiction. I just think it's harder to write. It's harder to keep the respect of the reader too.


I think, for me, humour needs to be used like a strong spice - sparingly.


I still write the occasional short story, and poked at a novel once, but it's just not what I want to do.


I think the main influence has been living in New York City. Aside from all the crap around 9/11, I find it very demanding to think amid all the noise and visual pollution.


I'm not interested in being easy anymore. Readable, yes. Easy, no.


A sequence works in a way a collection never can.


Well, we all start thinking we're going to be Romantic rock stars, but then reality hits and you realize no one reads you but other poets.


In my opinion, Al Moritz may be the best poet of his generation in Canada.


In fact, in some ways, I actually feel much more confident about the quality of Carousel than I do about The Cottage Builder's Letter: probably because of its cohesive nature.


With 'Carousel' I had an idea and it all came out quickly.


I don't think there's anything wrong with someone having to read a poem twice. Or even a book.


New York was breaking my concentration and disintegrating my thoughts.


I was writing notes, but not composing poems. The Hunter began to develop out of this fragmented process.


I am certainly suffering from a modicum of performance anxiety.


It's a bit of a crapshoot out there with young writers right now anyway.


I guess there is also an element of deliberate change involved. Each of my books has been, at least from my point of view, radically different from the last.


Even the people who have had success and made money writing these books of fiction seem to feel the need to pretend it's no big deal, or part of a natural progression from poetry to fiction, but often it's really just about the money, the perceived prestige.


The poetry community here has been extraordinarily welcoming.


Then I discovered I loved writing poetry more than fiction.


I do try to let what is obviously unintended yet naturally good stay in.


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