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Germaine Greer Quotes

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Germaine Greer
January 29, 1939 -
Nationality: Australian
Category: Activist

Australia is a huge rest home, where no unwelcome news is ever wafted on to the pages of the worst newspapers in the world.


What we ought to see in the agonies of puberty is the result of the conditioning that maims the female personality in creating the feminine.


Yet if a woman never lets herself go, how will she ever know how far she might have got? If she never takes off her high-heeled shoes, how will she ever know how far she could walk or how fast she could run?


If a person loves only one other person, and is indifferent to his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism.


The sight of women talking together has always made men uneasy; nowadays it means rank subversion.


Women are reputed never to be disgusted. The sad fact is that they often are, but not with men; following the lead of men, they are most often disgusted with themselves.


I didn't fight to get women out from behind vacuum cleaners to get them onto the board of Hoover.


I think that testosterone is a rare poison.


Never advise anyone to go to war or to get married. Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present. He that has no children brings them up well.


Act quickly, think slowly.


The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.


There is no such thing as security. There never has been.


Perhaps catastrophe is the natural human environment, and even though we spend a good deal of energy trying to get away from it, we are programmed for survival amid catastrophe.


Only one thing is certain: if pot is legalized, it won't be for our benefit but for the authorities. To have it legalized will also be to lose control of it.


The house wife is an unpaid employee in her husband's house in return for the security of being a permanent employee.


Evolution is what it is. The upper classes have always died out; it's one of the most charming things about them.


We in the West do not refrain from childbirth because we are concerned about the population explosion or because we feel we cannot afford children, but because we do not like children.


Psychoanalysis is the confession without absolution.


Man is jealous because of his amour propre; woman is jealous because of her lack of it.


Developing the muscles of the soul demands no competitive spirit, no killer instinct, although it may erect pain barriers that the spiritual athlete must crash through.


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