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Gijs de Vries Quotes

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Gijs de Vries
February 22, 1956 -
Nationality: Dutch
Category: Politician
Subcategory: Dutch Politician

I remain optimistic. What we've seen in Europe and the rest of the world is that freedom has a much stronger attraction than radical fundamentalism.


Our strategy should be to strengthen the hand of moderate Muslims.


We're still stymied by the old stand-off between those who wish to fight terrorism and resistance fighters.


It's important that we work very closely with moderate Muslim forces locally, nationally and internationally.


Muslim organisations tend to have a low level of organisation. The communities in Europe are quite diverse.


Terrorists have failed in what is arguably al Qaida's most important objective - to trigger revolutions.


Europe has a long and tragic history of mostly domestic terrorism.


Ultimately, freedom and democracy are stronger than fear and tyranny.


The European Borders Agency in Warsaw has been created to help border forces in Europe cooperate more.


The central role in the fight against terrorism is with national authorities.


We are familiar with terrorism. But indiscriminate, cross-border, religiously motivated terrorism is new.


In intelligence work, there are limits to the amount of information one can share. Confidentiality is essential.


The majority of the world's Muslims do not believe that terrorism is a legitimate strategy or that Islam is incompatible with democracy.


Terrorists always have the advantage of surprise.


If information ends up in the wrong hands, the lives of people very often are immediately at risk.


We still lack a global definition of terrorism.


You can't get closer to the heart of national sovereignty than national security and intelligence services.


The idea is to have global standards. There is so much travel that if you just had a regional standard, it would probably ultimately have to be changed.


In the fight against terrorism, national agencies keep full control over their police forces, security and intelligence agencies and judicial authorities.


I have never come across a technology that doesn't change. This is inevitable. You have to adapt your systems as technology develops.


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