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Gloria Swanson Quotes

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Gloria Swanson
March 17, 1899 - April 4, 1983
Nationality: American
Category: Actress
Subcategory: American Actress

All they had to do was put my name on a marquee and watch the money roll in.


The Sennett system of making pictures was actually fun. You never knew what the person next to you was going to do.


There was no place at all for me in my father's military world.


The English press treated the world premiere of my first talking picture as a major event.


The major gossip columnists were more concerned with protecting the industry than with gunning down sinners.


I consider anybody who weighs over 200 pounds fat, and time was when I could not refrain from telling such people so.


One of the networks sent me a TV set to watch. I didn't care for the medium. It depressed me.


The first feminine feature that goes, with advancing age, is the neck.


I am a very pragmatic person.


I became a fanatic about healthy food in 1944.


I entered the cosmetics industry because I wanted more women to use cosmetics made with safe, healthful ingredients.


We lived on the Key West Army Base. Key West for me was a tropical island paradise.


After 16 years in pictures I could not be intimidated easily, because I knew where all the skeletons were buried.


Much as I cared for Joseph Kennedy, he was a classic example of that person in the arts with lots of brains and drive but little taste or talent.


Tennessee Williams was a gifted talker with a beautiful accent and we had lots of things in common.


I was 25 and the most popular celebrity in the world, with the possible exception of my friend Mary Pickford.


I had starred in more than 30 successful films, six in a row directed by Cecil B. De Mille.


My greatest debt will always be to the movie-going public of yesterday and today, without whose love and devotion I would have had no story to tell.


The Paramount executives were so pleased with Sunset Boulevard that they asked me to do a publicity tour.


By the time I was 15, my mother had turned me into a real clotheshorse.


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