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Irene Cara Quotes

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Irene Cara
March 18, 1959 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actress
Subcategory: American Actress

Caramel isn't the Spice Girls.


When I act, I act. When I sing, I sing. I don't put one over the other. Entertaining is what I do best.


I liked performing, but not the struggle.


The rumors emanated from people who are in a position of power.


I haven't had a vacation in years. I'd really like to sneak off and just run around on a beach for a while.


I like to think of myself as an actress.


I thought Jennifer was lovely in Flashdance, but I'm not greedy. I was very happy to have done the song.


All of a sudden, I was hearing stories about how difficult I was to work with, ridiculous rumors about drugs and what a diva I was. I never had to go to rehab or a program.


My fans are grown now. They are not expecting me to do the bubblegum pop I did 20 years ago, even though it was pretty substantive. It was saying more than bubblegum pop says today. I am continuing where I left off.


We all realized, more intensely than ever, that God was there.


I'm not a fighter. People think I am, but I'm not. I just talk a lot.


I'll never be that trusting again, believing accountants and lawyers have my best interests at heart.


My mother always wanted to be in show business, but her parents discouraged her. So when I started performing for the mirror she enrolled me in dancing, singing and piano lessons.


I don't like being under someone elses thumb. I'm very supportive of other female artists, especially those trying to make their own statement... trying to do what they want instead of being someone else's Barbie doll.


We have a tendency in this country that when we say Black it automatically means Black Americans. But that's a big mistake, and that keeps us divided. There are Blacks all over this entire world-even in Africa.


It got to a point of where it was ruining my health and I just hated it. I hated doing it and I couldn't stop without some kind of help to get the longing for it out of my system.


I refuse to let anybody try to typecast me. It's against my nature. I like to continually do different things.


Here I found myself in my early 20s, at the height of my career, up against something I was totally powerless against. I had enemies I had never heard of because of this. I certainly didn't have needles hanging out of my arms, nor did I smoke anything.


The music industry had virtually blacklisted me.


The situation is not good with the record companies. It's just not working out, so I don't plan to record until it's straightened out. In the meantime I'm happy doing my movies and writing the music for the theme songs, whether I sing them or not.


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