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James MacArthur Quotes

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James MacArthur
December 8, 1937 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

And after four years, I thoroughly enjoy Hawaii and the success of the show.


I got into the acting business very young.


When the major studios flourished many years ago, an actor was groomed, developed, and worked frequently at his craft. The studios really took care of their actors.


I am happy to have now as Danny finally a more difficult role, in which I can shoot and fight.


I give a percentage of the earnings to the Motion Picture Home.


I thought even if the show only lasted a year, it would be fun.


A woman doesn't just love a man. She loves who he is. And, who he is is dependent on what he needs.


Some people say Hawaii is spoiled, but I don't think so. It's modern. It's a part of today's world.


You should hear the guy who dubs me in Japan. I like him the most. He has a high squeaky voice.


It was an hour of sanity with the good guys winning, a situation where the world was right side up.


In the case of Five-O, I believe it was a combination of many ingredients - timing, chemistry, Hawaii.


The first year we actually did a lot of night shooting and the writers weren't even allowed on location.


But it's hard to sustain a successful acting career today.


My mother insisted that I have a normal upbringing.


I just sold a farm in Missouri, and I own a ski lodge in Colorado with some Honolulu partners.


And I had an old-fashioned idea that dividends were a good thing.


We were living in a tumultuous time, when the world was upside down. Freeman produced a show that was black and white, the good guys versus the bad guys.


Who knows what kind of life I might have had had I not been fortunate enough to have the parents I've had.


It's sometimes unnerving to think of that, and I wish it were possible for all children in the world to have the good fortune I've had in having a giving and loving family.


Fortunately, I've also been an electrician, and that's a happy memory for me.


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