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Jeanne Moreau Quotes

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Jeanne Moreau
January 23, 1928 -
Nationality: French
Category: Actress
Subcategory: French Actress

All fiction becomes autobiographical when the author has true talent.


When I'm acting, I'm two beings. There's the one monitoring the distance between myself and the camera, making sure I hit my marks, and there is the one driven by this inner fire, this delicious fear.


When Tony was madly in love with me, his relationship with Vanessa Redgrave was ending.


Sometimes the directors were afraid of what they brought out of me.


To give and receive love, you have to be in touch with pain, you have to be capable of provoking it and feeling it.


I can't belong to groups. I've tried. I behave normally, but people don't look at me normally.


People's opinions don't interfere with me.


Success is like a liberation or the first phrase of a love story.


Death is an absolute mystery. We are all vulnerable to it, it's what makes life interesting and suspenseful.


I can be intimidating, but not within the confines of a film shoot.


I don't like the idea of separating life and work. That notion seems dated and a bit alien to me.


When you live under the power of terror and segregation, you can't ever start a work of art.


Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.


Knowing how to die is knowing how to live. What is death anyway? It's the outcome of life.


Some people are addicts. If they don't act, they don't exist.


I need, absolutely, to be alone.


I gradually work myself into a frenzy as the shoot approaches, while we're choosing the costumes or working with the make-up artist. I'm not so much interested in my character as the film itself.


My aim in life is not to judge.


What is amazing for a woman of my age is that I change as the world is changing-and changing very, very fast. I don't think my mother had that opportunity to change.


As long as you don't make waves, ripples, life seems easy. But that's condemning yourself to impotence and death before you are dead.


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