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Jeri Ryan Quotes

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Jeri Ryan
February 22, 1968 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actress
Subcategory: American Actress

I have a lot of fun with guns, especially the M-16, but my favourite is my little .22. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand. I do limit myself to blanks.


I've always wanted to do this, so it really is a dream come true.


I'm not real impressed with the Star Trek weaponry, I gotta be honest.


I'm not so widely known that I'm going to be pigeonholed.


It might be arrogant to think that we're the only living creations in all of the solar systems that there are. Space is so vast.


I get to pretend I'm flying into space, and hang out with my friends. That's what I do for a living.


There is a very large chunk of our population who firmly believe in extraterrestrials.


My background has been very helpful for this experience. But everyone was so accommodating because they knew it's not the most comfortable position to be the new kid.


It's supposed to be entertainment. It's not supposed to be a documentary.


They said that Seven was a former Borg who had been human and had been assimilated. She was regaining her humanity. I had no interest in this character.


I think the more stressful our times get, the more we look for fantasy escapes.


That's what makes a character interesting from an actor's perspective - the more screwed up, the better.


It doesn't bother me that Seven has such an overtly sexual presence, because she has no concept of what effect that physical package would have on some male member of the crew. That's what's fun, her innocence.


I have no specific ideas in mind of what I will or won't do; it's all about the roles.


West Hollywood is predominantly gay, so every man that came into the grocery store was shopping for his boyfriend.


My husband is someone who's in the real world. It's a big help that I don't have both feet in Hollywood.


I was raised all over. Kansas, Hawaii, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky, by the time I was 11.


I had never seen much of Star Trek, or any other science fiction, before I was cast. But Seven's wonderful.


The costume that I wear on the show is a little snug and doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I don't have a problem with it because of the way this character's been written.


We haven't done such a great job, so I don't know why God couldn't have started over somewhere else. I don't necessarily believe in aliens coming to the States, and I don't buy into the government cover-up.


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