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Joe Pantoliano Quotes

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Joe Pantoliano
September 12, 1951 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

Good actors are a dime a dozen, but I want actors that are gonna be part of my team and collaborative.


It's such a luxury to be able to be happy about going to work in the morning.


When we were making The Fugitive, we all thought it was going to bomb.


I've worked with Steven Spielberg three times. I'm proud to say that I'm one of those actors that continues to get hired by the same directors.


It's all about people. It's all about the subjectivity of what people love.


One thing that's great about being a character actor is that a movie doesn't rest on your shoulders. If it bombs, it won't hurt my career.


Actors always have opinions.


We have to promote a movie. It's just extraordinary that everybody I'm talkin' to loves this movie.


You'll never see me in the red leather. I don't have the chin for it.


The camera looks into your soul.


The amateur porn business makes $11 billion a year. They don't get bad reviews.


We should do another 10 Bad Boys movies. I could come in in one of those electric wheelchairs, like Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove, just shouting away.


I've been on jobs where there's that one actor who is just a miserable, miserable no-good, dirty bastard, and it just turns the whole process sour.


There aren't any small parts, only small paychecks.


Living in the projects helped me with this role.


I don't like directors that just say, Stand there and now do this.


When I interview somebody, I look at their resume to see what they've done, who they've worked with, and how many times. If they've gotten repeat work. Those are the kinds of actors I want to hire.


When you work for Bruckheimer, you don't get it any better. He's the ultimate producer. I've had the good fortune of working with some great producers over the years.


The greatest leading man, in my opinion, will always be Cary Grant.


I've been so good in so many movies that nobody saw.


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