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John Ensign Quotes

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John Ensign
March 25, 1958 -
Nationality: American
Category: Politician
Subcategory: American Politician

I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country.


For America's economic future to remain prosperous, we must encourage pro-growth policies so that we continue to be the leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.


The Appropriations Committee in the Senate is out of control, out of control on spending.


Medical liability reform is not a Republican or Democrat issue or even a doctor versus lawyer issue. It is a patient issue.


Until we can fully grasp the extent of corruption and fraud involved in the administration of the Oil-for-Food program, and until the United Nations decides to cooperate in the investigation, no American taxpayer dollars should go to the United Nations.


Human beings crave freedom at their core.


The act of voting by ordinary Iraqis in the face of extreme danger confirms President Bush's belief that people around the globe, when given a chance, will choose liberty and democracy over enslavement and tyranny.


The election in Iraq clearly demonstrates that Iraqi people are like people everywhere. They desire to create a future in an environment that is safe and allows them to reach their full potential as human beings, whatever that potential may be.


Why can't DFW compete like San Francisco does with Oakland, like Miami does with Fort Lauderdale, and like Chicago O'Hare does with Midway?


Senator Kerry voted to undermine the troops in the field, and that is not only inexcusable, it is reprehensible.


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