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Julia Louis Dreyfus Quotes

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Julia Louis Dreyfus
January 13, 1961 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actress
Subcategory: American Actress

Before computers, telephone lines and television connect us, we all share the same air, the same oceans, the same mountains and rivers. We are all equally responsible for protecting them.


I walk around feeling a sort of existential guilt all the time; and honestly for me this house is a way of feeling less guilty about the universe.


When I got pregnant my foot grew, but I was denying it. I've been denying it for three years.


I have no agenda except to be funny. Neither I or the writers profess to offer any worldly wisdom.


I think Elaine would go out with anyone if they showed interest in her. She's nuts. The woman's nuts.


I've actually considered going with my married name, Julia Hall, but all the paperwork.


And Seinfeld is so quick: we crank out one show a week, and the hours are very reasonable.


The schedule of doing a live TV show every week is very difficult.


It's much more acceptable for men to work and father kids. There's an inherent inequality, because we want to do it all, and I don't know how we can do this all.


It is, I think, harder for women. I haven't quite figured it out, and all of my women friends haven't figured it out -how the hell do you do this? How do you work and have families?


The Seinfeld motto: No learning, no hugging.


Everybody seems to know me. It's very strange.


My goal is, of course, for this show to do well, and I would love it if people liked it.


I'm particularly fortunate to be in a position where I can bring my child to work and be able to get good child care. Not a lot of women have that.


Doing a half-hour TV show is a dream.


We are 5 percent of the global population and consume a third of the total resources - on some level we should all feel guilty relative to the world.


When I was growing up, I always thought my hair was messy.


L.A. I could live without.


I dropped out of college my junior year to do Saturday Night Live, and I didn't even consult my parents. They were very supportive because they had no choice.


As an actress, it appeals to me because I love the idea of playing those in-between moments, the sort of behavioral stuff that one might not normally see.


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