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Kenneth Edmonds Quotes

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Kenneth Edmonds
April 10, 1958 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

I could easily not be the person that people know.


It's about finding great artists and being part of their careers.


I would say that I've been lucky. Being blessed and not really ever giving up.


It might be a huge hit, it might not; but you learn something doing it.


The most exciting thing for all of us is movies and movie stars.


But a lot of the old fans are listening to a lot of the younger music. So I gotta keep moving forward, and they'll move forward too.


There are people that bring artists to me to look at it and it's a question of whether I like their music and their look and if I think there's something they have that makes them different and commercial.


The whole process of this record was an education for me as a musician.


I still write the same way and have the same perspective.


When I was in top 40 bands, I always had to learn new material and new styles.


The Internet is a whole new world opening up.


I don't go to that many Broadway shows, so I can't really say anything.


There's artists that I'm working with on a new label of mine. Foxy Nova and Supa Nova.


I think that whenever there's a good script we try to make that happen, but it's all based off of a good story, a good script, but I don't believe you should do it just because it's African-American.


Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind.


You can find a diamond in the rough a lot of times.


I enjoy music that is commercial.


The reality is, some people don't want you to change or go anywhere different.


Unfortunately, a lot of executives aren't like producers, and can't hear the diamond in the rough.


I'm continuing to produce and will start a new record soon, as well.


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