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Levon Helm Quotes

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Levon Helm
May 26, 1940 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

By the time The Band did The Last Waltz, the chemistry had changed, and it wasn't a thrill anymore to live that studio kind of life.


You can either make it come around or you can't. By the time we would be ready to record a song, we would know for sure that it was the best way we could do it.


I love horns, and the bigger the band, the better it sounds to my ear.


We all love musical architecture; there's no doubt about that.


I don't fool with a lot of things that I can't have fun with. There's not much reward in that.


I like walking on the edge.


I was in high school, trying to get out of high school. The only thing slowing me up was grades.


A friend of mine took me to Memphis advised me that I should get in the musicians' union. He gave me a set of drums and said, Stay on the job, son.


The crowd is just as important as the group. It takes everything to make it work.


When the second record came out, they started calling it The Band. I voted to call it The Crackers. I'm no fool.


If you feel like you're getting into a rut with a song, a night off usually fixes it.


If things are going slow, I'm itchy.


The Jungle Bush Beaters didn't last too long as a group, but we had a pretty good time while we did.


Drums just always sounded like the most fun part of that good music for me.


With horns and a full rhythm section, the drums always looked like the best seat in the house.


Lord, when the song wants to pick up and go a little faster towards the end, it's hard for me to resist.


I played some Yamaha drums that I like a lot. And I like the Yamaha people a lot too. They've been really nice to me and The Band.


Conway Twitty was always our local hero while I was growing up. He had a series of good bands. I wanted to sit in, if Conway would let me. And he did a couple of times.


There were no rules, other than that the song should sound good and be fun to play.


We're all dealt with the same hand here, so to speak. I feel like I've had it a lot better than most people. I've had the opportunity to travel and play music all my life.


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