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Loretta Lynn Quotes

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Loretta Lynn
April 14, 1935 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

You ain't supposed to get salmon when they're swimming upstream to spawn. But if you're hungry, you do.


Back then, we didn't know we were poor, and people were more proud then.


I've been married to the same man for all this time. The way we fight sometimes, you can tell.


My biggest hero, Gregory Peck, was my birthday present on April 14, 1973. I just sat and stared at him.


I've seen country music go uptown, like we say, and I'm proud I was there when it happened.


I'm always making Butcher Holler sound like the most backward part of the United States-and I think maybe it is.


I'm trying to lead a good Christian life, so there ain't too much spicy to tell about me.


I believe in education and wish I had a better one.


Sometimes I think our problems are made worse by the kind of business we're in. Playing these road shows is a weird experience.


I wasn't for Vietnam. When I told that to the hippie newspaper, all my people got nervous.


When something is bothering me, I write a song that tells my feelings.


I'm not a big fan of Women's Liberation, but maybe it will help women stand up for the respect they're due.


The country is making a big mistake not teaching kids to cook and raise a garden and build fires.


How do you measure your value?


I avoid going through places where there's too much poverty.


I don't go to church regular. But I pray for answers to my problems.


I've seen every highway in the United States, and they all look alike to me.


A lot of people say I'd miss show business if I quit. I'd miss some of it. Now it's the only life I know.


When I'd tell people I like country music they'd get this look on their faces. People were kind of ashamed of country.


I think Charley Pride has been one of the best things to happen to country music, to prove it belongs to everybody.


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