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Michael Douglas Quotes

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Michael Douglas
September 25, 1944 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

Everything's so repressive now - it's the No generation. You can't do anything, you can't eat anything, you have to abstain.


When you're making pictures out of heartfelt passion, it hurts when someone calls them a calculated business move.


A lot of actors get concerned about their own image, even going so far as to rewrite a movie to best serve that image. All I want to do is be in good movies.


I've always tried to kind of stretch my wings as an actor and do things that are different.


For an actor, it's great fun to play one of these hungry white sharks. Audiences love to hate them.


The one thing that men and women have in common - they both like the company of men.


Actresses have more fear of being disliked. I, on the other hand, revel in it.


I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.


It's difficult for me to meet women because my crowd is much older. I know that for some of the young women I do meet, a relationship with me can be envisioned as a benefit to their career.


There's nothing like a family crisis, especially a divorce, to force a person to re-evaluate his life.

    Topics: Life

I don't know about Brad Pitt leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?


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