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Michael O'Donoghue Quotes

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Michael O'Donoghue
January 5, 1940 - November 8, 1994
Nationality: American
Category: Writer
Subcategory: American Writer

Insects are my secret fear. That's what terrifies me more than anything - insects.


They just have a feel about them. And you feel your way through them and you come out with something that's very powerful and mythic. And you don't quite know how you got there. I think this story has a lot of those elements.


A Madagascar Hissing Roach chasing Jerry Lewis. That would be a really neat treat.


Nothing important has ever come out of San Francisco, Rice-a-Roni aside.


It began as this desire to do this science fiction movie about perhaps one of the last insects left that nobody's done anything on, which is the cockroach - and truly one of the most frightening insects.


Television doesn't want to admit it has those dreadful roach ads on anyway.


Anyway, the title The War of the Insect Gods came before we had that ending, before we knew they had become gods. That we knew the evolutionary cycle they went through. Before we even knew anything about that. We had an ending.


It's very easy to make insects move. Because they do move mechanically without the rippling of flesh as you mentioned. They move more like real tinker toys and you can make models of them quite easily.


Working with Woody Allen is like filming Howard Hughes's will. It's a very mysterious and strange event. You never get a peek at the whole will.


Once you put yourself in the hands of the government, you could end up in Utah.


The transformation scene, where man is becoming insect and insect has become at least man and beyond that - a flying, godlike, shimmering, diaphanous, beautiful creature.


It's an end of the world I guess. I guess you'd currently call it disaster movie. But really they weren't disaster movies. They were more end of the world movies. This is more an end of the world movie.


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