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Morris Chestnut Quotes

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Morris Chestnut
January 1, 1969 -
Nationality: American
Category: Actor
Subcategory: American Actor

At one point, people thought that Eddie Murphy would only reach one sector of the audience, but now everyone sees everything Eddie Murphy does.


I'm getting to the point where they see me as a good actor, rather than just a good guy who can act.


You go from movies where you are wearing nice clothes and you're trying to smell good to a movie where you are in water and you are wet all day, and you are dealing with that elements, it gets rough, but it was definitely something I wanted to try.


I want viewers to relate to me on a different level, not just a sexual level.


I would never want any of my kids to go into this industry; not until they are old enough to understand and if this is something that they really want to do.


I've been in a situation where I was after the money.


A lot of times, women don't get the male perspective in regards to a relationship, what men go through when they're not really dealing well.


This industry is very make-believe and you caught in a false sense of what reality is.


Nah, I'm not a prima donna, but I just don't like being cold and wet.


It's not always about the money.


To me the work is so much more interesting, the parts that don't require you just to take your shirt off.


I hate being cold and I hate being wet and around 80% percent of this film I was cold and another 60% I was cold and wet, so it wasn't the best shoot for me.


Showtime has given new, young filmmakers - black, white, across the board - an opportunity to make films, as well as actors who want to cross over into directing.


I'm not going to take my shirt off in every movie.


I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix's character, but I play Joaquin's close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don't die.


You can become really pigeon-holed in this industry.


You have to be insane to direct.


Oh yeah, I'm a huge romance fan. And some women like action.


I think the best type of action movie combines a love story with the action.


And I think from a male perspective, we have men talking about their feelings and it being okay.


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