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Murray Gell Mann Quotes

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Murray Gell Mann
September 15, 1929 -
Nationality: American
Category: Physicist
Subcategory: American Physicist

If we look at the way the universe behaves, quantum mechanics gives us fundamental, unavoidable indeterminacy, so that alternative histories of the universe can be assigned probability.


Of course the word chaos is used in rather a vague sense by a lot of writers, but in physics it means a particular phenomenon, namely that in a nonlinear system the outcome is often indefinitely, arbitrarily sensitive to tiny changes in the initial condition.


I do not keep up with the details of particle physics.


I think also of my colleagues in elementary particle theory in many lands, and feel that in some measure I am here as a representative of our small, informal, international fraternity.


For me, the study of these laws is inseparable from a love of Nature in all its manifestations.


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