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Peter Jennings Quotes

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Peter Jennings
July 29, 1938 - 2005
Nationality: Canadian
Category: Journalist
Subcategory: Canadian Journalist

As a journalist, one tends to think there's nothing off limits.


Whatever you may think of Mrs. Clinton as a character, I think she believes quite strongly in public service.


I have gone through a period of seeking to understand what or how strong or what are the connections I have to God.


Some people continue to pretend that anchor people are reporters.


I am utterly struck how, 300 years after his execution, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.


I don't think anybody who looks carefully at us thinks that we are a left-wing or a right-wing organization.


I think I came to see Islam, or at least one part of Islam, as an important defense mechanism against the commercialization of the world.


A couple of weeks is a long time in American politics.


I've always shied away from conventional wisdom, though I know the power of it.


There's no such thing as an independent person.


I think you can be cynical about religion on occasion, and certainly skeptical about the degree to which some people use religion to manipulate other people.


I think sometimes negative campaigning, like so much, is in the eye of the beholder, and I don't think we'll ever get rid of it.


If you tailor your news viewing so that you only get one point of view, well of course you're going to think somebody else has got a different point of view, and it may be wrong.


Every candidate goes into every debate hoping that they can own a particular moment.


We have been through a period where we see power leaching away from Washington. Who is more important in the world today: Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? I don't know.


I'm a little concerned about this notion everybody wants us to be objective.


I think I am very mainstream - I'm committed to good works in my life.


Do I think I was put here on earth to be a journalist and to seek truth? No, I don't.


Senator Albert Gore Sr. was one of the first outspoken critics of the Vietnam War.


The candidate out front on Labor Day has historically been the one who stayed ahead in November.


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