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Rabindranath Tagore Quotes

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Rabindranath Tagore
May 6, 1861 - August 7, 1941
Nationality: Indian
Category: Poet
Subcategory: Indian Poet

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.


In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects.


Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.


Bigotry tries to keep truth safe in its hand with a grip that kills it.


Music fills the infinite between two souls.


The burden of the self is lightened with I laugh at myself.


To be outspoken is easy when you do not wait to speak the complete truth.


I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.


Do not say, 'It is morning,' and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name.


Age considers; youth ventures.


Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.


Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.


Life is given to us, we earn it by giving it.


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.


Your idol is shattered in the dust to prove that God's dust is greater than your idol.


Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.


The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.


Gray hairs are signs of wisdom if you hold your tongue, speak and they are but hairs, as in the young.


If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.


You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.


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