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Ralph Allen Quotes

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Ralph Allen
1693 - 1764
Nationality: British
Category: Politician
Subcategory: British Politician

I worked three and then six hours a day in my studio with strict discipline and emotion. I obtained awards usually granted to other foreigners during the end-of-year admission tests.


At that time, the academic orientation was rather technical contrary to that of the university, where art theory is very important. The teachers were renowned artists and among the best of that time.


Without a good cultural policy, without adequate help, we will always have individualists, shooting stars who are rapidly forgotten or who stop painting for a more profitable occupation.


My first concern was to take care of my drawing. I did not have any knowledge in arts, especially Haitian arts, apart from the paintings I saw in my father's office.


I paint according to the moment and the theme. I don't have any prejudice. Life concerns me.


The magic of creation has always fascinated me.


People are predominant in my paintings. Although they are not obvious, you can feel their presence.


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