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Robert Bulwer Lytton Quotes

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Robert Bulwer Lytton
May 25, 1803 - January 18, 1873
Nationality: English
Category: Statesman
Subcategory: English Statesman

What mankind wants is not talent; it is purpose.


You believe that easily which you hope for earnestly.


Truth makes on the ocean of nature no one track of light; every eye, looking on, finds its own.


Power is so characteristically calm, that calmness in itself has the aspect of strength.


Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity and truth accomplishes no victories without it.


Happiness and virtue rest upon each other; the best are not only the happiest, but the happiest are usually the best.


Be it jewel or toy, not the prize gives the joy, but the striving to win the prize.


Chance happens to all, but to turn chance to account is the gift of few.


All that's bright must fade, The brightest still the fleetest; All that's sweet was made But to be lost when sweetest.


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